Gemini Man

I watched Gemini Man a couple of weeks ago and this movie had a clear and distinct relation to doppelgangers and doubles as the whole premise of the movie is a man attempting to survive while being pursued by his clone.

So, a brief summary. Will Smith plays a man named Henry who retires from an agency in which he was an assassin who killed a ton of people. When he finds out something he was not supposed to, the company he worked for attempts to kill him through means of sending a clone of himself to assassinate him. The reason they send a clone of Henry to kill him is because Henry was the best assassin in the company, and who better to kill Henry other than Henry. I enjoyed this movie greatly, not only because it was action packed and crazy, but the way they implement this idea of a doppelganger is very compelling and interesting. It was a different take on clones as in the very end of the movie, the original Henry is old and acts like a dad to the cloned Henry who is a younger version of Henry (I know very confusing). Now looking at Henry acting as parent to his clone seemed normal at the moment, but when I got in my car and drove away from the movie theatre I thought about it some more and I found it very weird that Henry is now his own dad. Like just thinking about that is weird. Henry is a dad to a clone of himself. It makes sense in the context of the movie because Henry talked about how he wish he did not give up having a family for joining that organization, but I just can not get over how weird it is to be a dad to a literal replica of yourself.

Alright, lets get over that topic about Henry being his own dad and stuff. I researched the definition of gemini and the first thing that appeared was that it was a constellation of twins. Now, twins are representative of doppelgangers so I give props to the people who came up with the name gemini man because it tells all you need to know about the movie. The company Henry worked for was called Gemini which is also suitable as the company had multiple clones of Henry making us think that this company specializes in cloning.

Overall, I found this movie very interesting and very good. I thought it was a good take on doppelgangers and doubles and watching this movie allowed me to have another blogpost so a win is a win is a win. 🙂

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